You don’t want to miss these blogs!

Systems Solution Provider

You don’t want to miss these blogs!

Check the overview of this year's blogs by Selmers

Blogs are not only fun to create, but should also be fun to read. To be honest, we can’t complain about the enthusiasm with which our stories have been received and shared so far. Yet, there may be some recipients who have overlooked some of our blogs. To allow them a second chance, we have created a highly accessible thematic overview of this year’s blogs.

Transition to data driven solution provider

The corresponding keywords will immediately lead you to one or more stories that suit your interest most. For us, the overview serves as helpful ‘proof’ that we are still on track with our transition from equipment supplier to data driven solution provider in production environments. We hope you will enjoy the read and we wish you a very happy and healthy 2022!


Blog title: Are you being servitized?

Theme: Services/Industry 4.0/Efficiency/Process Integrator

Keywords: Data management, predictive maintenance


Blog title: How quality analysis can lead to cost savings

Theme: Process improvement/Operational Excellence/Traceability

Keywords: Pipe coating, robotics, real-time adjustments of consumables


Blog title: Robots, cobots or nobots?

Theme: Industry 4.0/Process Integrator/Process Improvement

Keywords: Robotics, considerations and risks, FOMO, safety


Blog title: The more complex it gets, the ‘simpler’ it needs to be

Theme: Industry 4.0/Process Control/Partnership

Keywords: Concept Engineering, Data management, V-model methodology


Blog title: No bridge too far, no pipe too big, no job too crazy

Theme: (Concept) Engineering/Customization/Process Integrator

Keywords: Robotics, extreme circumstances, de-icing plant, multidisciplinary


Blog title: Keeping a grip on complex projects using six eyes

Theme: Process Control/(Concept) Engineering/Partnership

Keywords: Validation, V-model, PRINCE2, multidisciplinary


Blog title: How to improve production by ‘living apart together’

Theme: Industry 4.0/Data management/Process Integrator

Keywords: Plant management system, OT process, system integration


Blog title: Inside the mind of an inventor

Theme: Industry 4.0/Concept Engineering/Partnership

Keywords: Autodidact, experimenting, creativity, VR, supply chain


Blog title: Is UV curing the cure for temporary corrosion protection?

Theme: Sustainability/ Operational Excellence/Process Integrator

Keywords: Temporary protection/print, pipe coating, innovation


Blog title: Procurement anno 2021: troubled faces and a coffee IV

Theme: Partnership/Process Control

Keyword: Supply chain, global production shortage, creativity


Blog title: The art of stuffing and stripping containers

Theme: Efficiency/Safety/Services

Keywords: Continuous development, container plan, logistics, LEAN, safety


Blog title: A butcher who inspects his own meat

Theme: Industry 4.0/Process Integrator/Operational Excellence

Keywords: In-house developed measuring tools, quality, innovation


Blog title: Standardized customization: contradiction or holy grail?

Theme: Partnership/Industry 4.0/Customization

Keywords: Building blocks, Configured to Order (CTO), time-to-market, reliability