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Changing the face of industry by laying the foundation for process optimization. Selmers provides solutions for improvement of your production processes. By optimizing your production environment with mechatronic and robotized solutions. And by visualizing operational data with the supporting data infrastructure and software programs we enable you to identify and prioritize process developments.


By combining your specific process knowledge with our experience in process industries, we can create optimal insight in your process issues.

We are able to provide you with practical solutions, to unburden you in your process of transition towards Smart Industry. We believe the best solutions are only realized together with you, our customers. Connecting with you on multiple levels is crucial to achieve this.


We have opted for agile methods and organize our projects with a Lean philosophy using the V-model. The V-model is an expansion of the classic waterfall model and is based on having an associated test stage for every development stage. This strict model has the next stage started only after completing the previous stage. This model is a “Validation and Verification” method, providing control for process and progress.


Mechatronic equipment solutions we can create for you segmented in modules. In order to create a solid data structure, we transform your industrial automation and fabrication system into a 7 layer structure. Each layer adds context to the retrievable and generated process data, making it relevant.
Data can then be visualized within an IT environment that we can provide. This enables the possibilities of business intelligence tools running your analyses. Your business is then ready for Smart Industry.

Selmers provides solutions for process industries

50 years of process and project knowledge

With you we can share 50 years of industrial process and project management knowhow. With a creative engineering DNA we can transform an idea in to a solution based on thriving innovation in the fields of automation, digitization, mechatronic and robotics.

History shows our success in delivering a full scope of solutions to the process industry.

For you, as our valuable customer, you may expect from Selmers that industry specific requirements are part of our “best practice” automation solutions.

A few things you may find interesting

We are an international process improver within the production industry. We connect our process knowledge with data analysis through a collaboration with our partners. This leads to Smart Industry process solutions realized within a short time span. Our solutions are valued for our customer-oriented way of working, our solid process knowledge and the ability to translate technology into sector-specific applications.


In recent years, our industrial automation has arranged the structure of the software in such a way that the process data has context so that is can be used for analysis. This data can be used to further optimize and automate your processes and enables Machine learning.


The Mechatronic approach is essential for an integral and optimal design of a mechanical system and the associated control system. By designing the mechanical construction and associated control system at the same time, the best fit for the required functional properties is assured while providing cost effective solutions by a flexible engineering team.


Selmers’ approach is to always provide a safe, professional, state-of-the-art and reliable industrial process solution. We combine the OT with the visual and analytical power of the IT environment.


After each iteration in the development, our customer can see the result and understand whether he is satisfied with the result or not. This is one of the benefits of the agile engineering development life cycle model. It enables Selmers to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the outside world.

Cases Smart Industries

Selmers provides with and supports in your quest for smart industry solutions, and your transition within the globally ongoing industrial digital revolution. Check out some cases to see for yourself how we tackled issues regarding equipment, process and personnel from different angles: operations, maintenance and HSE.

Job Ready System

Visibility of 
Asset Utilization

Robotic Safety Solutions

Robots as an alternative
to an unsafe work situation 

Training by simulation

Hidden Benefits of VR Training
in Complex Technical Systems

Root Cause Analysis

Useful process for understanding and solving
problems by using data facts

Process Timing

Real time insight into the production process used for plant optimisation and workforce utilization

Preventive Maintenance

Expand service level and
switch towards a proactive maintenance approach

Reducing Raw Materials

Using real time data used for adjusting the process inline, the first step to machine learning

Spare Part Solution

Keeping spares stock to a minimum using production data to predict actual spares demand

Virtual Commissioning

Using a digital twin for functional commissioning of the plant and visual insight in production

Data used for Optimisation

Siloed and unavailable asset utilization data hinders visibility into operations. This makes scheduling difficult and creates unnecessary downtime.

The employees of our customer were unable to keep up with the scheduled production pace for a certain task. This created a dangerous situation because the work was rushed too much and stressful.

Data made the problem transparant: adding extra capacity was not a solution. For this case we built a new application and developed a roping machine to put in line that yielded the required efficiency.

Virtual Commissioning

People may not be aware of it, but we are in a world where a huge amount of software is being realized.

The properties (and the price) of a device are no longer determined by the mechanical structure, but by the functions of the software.

We at Selmers have introduced the functionality of virtual commissioning using a digital twin coupled to the actual structured industrial software.

The digital twin, combined with the structured data generated from your process, could give you an entirely different view on your current process.

Training By Simulation

Training in manufacturing involves a lot of expenses. With traditional training methods, you need instructors who are experienced and skillful.

VR training allows you to teach employees individually at their own pace, with minimum trainer involvement, helping to better allocate resources to production-oriented tasks.

Also your new employees are prepared for handling the equipment before actually working with them, reducing other types of risks.

Root Cause Analysis

The maintenance manager has 4 indexers that have to pick up a tube. A gear wheel breaks off regularly. There is no clear cause for the faulty equipment.

With the Selmers Plant Management Software (SPMS) we made a datalog which gave us insight into the data. That enabled us to trace the cause of the defective piece of equipment.

As a result the arrangement and position of the various equipment has been adjusted. The deviations have been removed from the line and this has led to fewer defective parts in the process.

Robotic Safety Solutions

The process of applying a code on pipes was measured and investigated through the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS).
Based on the data, an alternative to human action was found.

We have linked the data to a robot, in this way the robot can itself position and mark the correct pipe markings in the pipe.

Raw Material Reduction

To meet the minimum quality requirements, our customer used an excessive amount of coating material. This means that the requirements are met, but the raw material consumption is very high and expensive.

By continuously measuring the layer thickness of the coating material through the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS), our customer can adjust their settings in order to apply the targeted amount of raw materials in their process.

This makes it easier to control consumption and the customer can find their optimal standard settings through the logged data by SPMS. Our customer has achieved a 15% reduction on the coating material.

Preventive Maintenance

Many ad hoc problems are to be solved in daily production, which are not foreseen in advance. As a result, there is unplanned downtime and extra people are needed on the maintenance team. Also parts have to be replaced unplanned, which leads to high maintenance costs if you do not have them on stock or if you do not have addressed the correct root cause.

We have mapped the critical parts of the production process and, together with the customer, determined the time after which parts are to be replaced. The critical parts have been examined and logged using data. If they exceeded the defined maximum amount of operating hours, based on agreed amount of risk, maintenance was scheduled.

This resulted in a smaller maintenance team, less downtime and the less stressful working environment resulted in more one time right problem solving.

Job Ready System

Our client’s process line structurally delivered an output that was too low, causing the logistics process not to run efficiently. Trucks had to wait longer or left half full.

Times were logged by using the Selmers Plant Management System (SPMS). The data from SPMS, combined with the interpretation of the operator, made patterns visible. This provided insight into the weakness of the production line.

Through the analysis of the logged data produced during the process, the bottleneck in the production line was identified and the appropriate measures were taken to resolve the root cause. Now the structural problem of variable output is solved, resulting in savings for our client.

Smart Mobile Warehouse

To optimize production uptime, mapping maintenance needs is key. In order to conduct a good maintenance plan, it is essential that spare and wear parts are on stock. The Smart Mobile Warehouse ensures this at all times.

The Selmers’ Smart Mobile Warehouse uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and is situated at customer site. It contains an agreed inventory of strategic parts and assemblies that are automatically kept on stock according to the stock threshold.

Cases Robotics

Selmers provides creative mechatronic, robotic and process solutions on the cutting edge of where the problem to be solved is out of the ordinary range. Take your time at below cases of how we have addressed certain cases and can provide the support to unburden you.

Operational Excellence

Your investment in an automated solution needs to be beneficial and can be reflected on a wide range of parameters in order to support your business case.

Service 24/7

Our global service team is there for you on 24/7 basis.

Safety Solutions

Intelligent robotics can improve your plant safety situation.

Product Handling

In order to deduct personnel from production lines you might utilize robotic pick and place systems.

Training Improving your Performance

Practical training programs, hands-on off-line and on-line to unburden you.

Importance of Marking

Marking your products is essential as it is used for identification, traceability and creating brand awareness.

Innovative Manufacturing Process Solutions

We can, in good cooperation, unravel your complex processes to understandable steps and come up with efficient tailor made solutions for you.

Data Retrieval and Management

Improving your overall efficiency with the help of Visualized production process parameters.

Quality Validation Systems

What is the incoming or outgoing quality of your product and what is the actual obtained performance of the critical treatment/fabrication process.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence can be achieved by having the process set up balanced and reflected based on amongst others the following parameters:

– Higher availability and productivity
– Higher quality rate
– Higher safety level
– Less personnel influence
– Less waste, reduction of footprint
– Reduction of operational costs
– Précised, optimum use of consumables
– Quick adaption on production changes

Based on the combination and continuous improvement of these topics operation excellence can be achieved. A solid business case, lean and balancing of these parameters will lead to a viable investment plan with a realistic return on investment.

Service 24/7

After a solution has been installed successfully, Selmers can provide (remote) support and service. This in order to maintain the equipment in proper condition and to assist avoiding for downtime. Our multidisciplinary service team with global experience is 24/7 available in order to keep your production in operation.

For keeping your operational and maintenance crew up to date with the used systems our service team can provide the hands-on training required.

Safety Solutions

In a production environment robotic or mechatronic solutions can be used to deduct operators and execute potential high risk tasks. Based on evaluation of your existing or new processes, hazards and manual interference Selmers can provide conceptual solutions. Solutions for processes in complex situations.

Examples are places of heavy operator exposure might be deducted, a.o. where physical contact in the process occurs, areas which can be reached with difficulty and where high accuracy and repeatability is needed. A fully integrated safety solution based on risk analyses, FMECA, CE, ATEX in relation to compliant scanning sensors, devices is part of our expertise where we can unburden you.

Product Handling

The efficiency obtained by use of robotic solutions for material and product handling is enormous. The automated and parametrized adaptability to various products and the high employability rate of these integrated solutions are a successful team together. Selmers have been providing solutions in order to detect products in dynamic situations and replace/move or transfer these towards an next applications/treatment step, this all based with the incorporation of existing logistic situations. Pick and place robots are used as:

End of line solutions

Feeding solutions for milling and lathing

Removal and restacking solutions

Feeding and supply of consumables and raw materials

For this last item mentioned there are also more conventional systems available in our product program, for instance:

Emptying and feeding systems from:
– Silos
– Aggregate bins
– Big bags
– Small bags
– Drums/barrels

Depending on the material and required accuracy, pumps, vacuum, high pressure, HDLV, belt transport and screw drives are used.

Training Improving your Performance

Practical training courses for your personnel at job location with theoretical back-up “in classroom” at your offices. Yes we can, we do. Whereas remote training can be provided by our online platform.

Our custom-made training programs have shown to be very useful and effective to all levels of crew members. Operator training to optimizing process execution, control and improvement of performance. Till the extent of training programs for maintenance, logistics and programs on tailor made on your request.

Importance of Marking

The labeling of your products can provide mandatory information necessary during storage, transport, hazards, product lifetime. Not to forget that beside product identification it provides a good touching point with your product users when having the right look and feel.

Mechatronic handling of marking devices or in case of complex products with different designs robots can provide the right manipulation of a marking device. Manipulating the marking device and the use of parametric software are ensuring the correct marking result. Repeatedly, at speeds man cannot not provide with the right accuracy and 24/7 the mechatronic platform or robot will fulfill the job. Validation of the applied marking or product identification further down the production line can be provided.

Marking can be for “all” kinds of products and various manners such as:
– Printing
– Dot peening
– Laser
– Labeling
– Engraving

Innovative Manufacturing Process Solutions

Having experience related in a great many processes Selmers contains a huge knowledge base of specific industrial processes. Logistically as a great deal of manufacturing process is about transport of (half) products towards completion. As well as several application and treatment processes.

For such processes on first sight not always a better solution seems available and therefor combinations of industrial disciplines and innovation of each process steps is needed for improvement. That is where you can make benefit of our expertise.

Some examples of our fields of experience you may think of:

– Horizontal and vertical product handling
– Surface cleaning as blast surface cleaning and chemical treatments
– Heating process’ by induction, infra-red, radiation burners
– Waste handling by shredding or for instance neutralizing chemical fluids
– Application of coating by several methods, wet & powder paints, insulations
– Fluid handling and cooling
– Data retrieval and transformation to useful information for process optimization

Depending on your type of application query the right required process steps expertise shall be called upon. Which we have in-house. Applications where these experience have become a reference are related to:

– Renewables sector (wind)
– Steel making industry
– Coating industry
– Lifting industry
– Water supply and recycling industry
– Oil and gas sector
– (Raw) Material supply and handling systems
– Recycling industry

Data Retrieval and Management

In a quick glance neatly arranged visualized information helping you to adjust your equipment and production lines. Of course all in the mind setting of improving efficiency, diminishing downtime.

Selmers has a plant management system which can collect data from your existing or new machines which can be of various types. This might be on the basis of your existing machines, possibly with the help of adding the right sensors. We have the expertise to help you with this add-on. From there the required data can be collected and transformed in understandable information. Tailored to the information you find important to know. Made visual and in the right context…for you.

Quality Validation Systems

How beautiful it is for you if Quality Control steps can be taken by a robotic device?

For instance a profile or geometry measurement robot can be used in order to validate the machined profile of solid or hollow structures and plates from various materials and products.

High accuracy validation is used at forming, welding and assembly processes in order to avoid repairs and production losses. In addition trends on the actual machine (tool) maintenance status can be monitored in order to take predictive maintenance measures in terms of wear inside the machine or for tool used. The obtained data from these validation steps can also be added to the digital production thread of your process. A few examples of the quality validation steps could be:

– Porosity or so-called high voltage tests
– Coating thickness measurements
– Laser measurement validation
– Visual scanning, for blast profiles, presence of parts etc.

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